Dear Students,

It is our great pleasure to inform you that now you can access the school education management software ( and reap the complete benefits of having all your information available and easily accessible to you.

Now you can access your performance records, test results, attendance information, syllabus, class routine, fees & payments, teacher directory, upcoming events, important notices and so much more. You and your parents can even pay your fees online using Debit/Credit Card through the software.

But to begin, you need to set up your email account and register for the school’s software.

Please first setup your school’s email at, as per the following instructions.

Email Registration

1. Enter your email address, which is your Student ID (SID) followed by school web address. For example:

2. Enter your Temporary Password. If you have not received your Temporary Password, it is available for collection from your respective section offices.

3. Please go through the terms and conditions carefully and click on "Accept" to proceed.

4. Create a new password.

5. Your email registration is now complete. For assistance with Education Management Software (EMS) registration, please follow this link: